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The first step is to fill out our Questionnaire, which will start the screening process. Interested parties, please fill out the questionnaire, or email Laura Rader and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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At the moment, there is nothing like cuddling up with a newfoundland puppy or watching your newf puppy waddle across the yard playing with a toy. Of course, one must take into consideration there is more to raising a newf puppy than just enjoying their sweet puppy simplicities. A Newfoundland owner, first and foremost is responsible for their puppy’s training, grooming, and health needs. A Newfoundland puppy is absolutely a member of the family!!

I encourage anyone interested in owning a Newfoundland puppy to read the Newfoundland puppy information, which is located on the Newfoundland Club of America’s website.

In addition, you can purchase the book called, "THE NEWFOUNDLAND PUPPY" by Judi Adler. Send $30.00 plus $6.00 shipping to : Judi Adler; 12320 S.W. Malloy Way; Sherwood, OR 97140

Another resource is the AKC Gazette, which you can subscribe to online at www.akc.org.

Newf Basics:

Training and excerise:

Newfs are big dogs that need lots of exercise. My dogs have get plenty of free exercise daily and they are free to roam my property. Puppies are especially in need of free exercise in order to develop proper growth. As puppies grow, free exercise will help develop muscle tone and heathly bones.

Basic training for a newf is also a must. Your newf must know what is expected of him/her by teaching basic obedience. I will be more than happy to help find a good obedience school for you and your newf.

Most importantly, your newf wants to play with you. It is very important to their health and development when you spend time together, which will inevitability deepen the bond between you and your newf.


Grooming a Newfoundland requires lots of time and patience. Their coat is very thick, which contains two layers of coat. Grooming is required once a week to maintain a proper and healthy coat (that includes bathing). Nail must be clipped every week and ears must be cleansed weekly/biweekly. Newfies are prone to ear infections because of their long, hanging ears and thick fur. I use Chris Christensen products for bathing and grooming needs. I recommend a good blow dryer such as the K9II or K9III and a grooming table as well. By having these tools will allow you to have easy and great grooming experiences with your newfy. Newfies love the water so they will never give you grief when you announce, “its time for a BATH!”

Health Needs:

For your newf to live a long healthy life, he will need to be protected against parasites and diseases. You will need to keep up with scheduled visits to your veterinarian. This way your veterinarian can provide the necessary health checks on your newf.

In your search for a Newfoundland dog, please ask yourself these questions:

Do I have the time to train, groom, excercise and play with a very big dog?

Can I afford the expenditures of a big dog?

A Newfoundland is a big dog (about 150 lbs), will this dog fit into my lifestyle, home and car?

HAIR TODAY, HAIR TOMORROW! Can you live with lots of hair?

As a dedicated breeder, I want to make sure that my future Newfoundland puppies have wonderful homes, whether it’s a show home or a non-show home. I will ask any future prospective owners many questions especially if you have a fenced in yard/pen and who will be the primary caretaker of the dog. These two questions are very important to me because I believe big dogs need plenty of room for ‘free’ excersice and I want to know who my puppy will bond with for life. Newfoundlands are more than just dogs, they have human-like characteristics and need people for their survival. If you are planning to show your Newfoundland, I will show you how to evaluate your puppy for show potential, help you plan for shows, and help you groom for show.

The first step is to fill out our Questionnaire, which will start the screening process. Interested parties, please fill out the questionnaire, or email Laura Rader and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us at:
Laura Rader
Home: 704-276-3038
Cell: 704-477-8684
Email: catsquarerader@aol.com

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